Schlittenhundetour auf dem Yukon River Blue Kennels im Yukon Huskyland
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The Yukon


483.450 qkm




26000 in 31 Communities

( ca. 20% First Nation)

Highest Mountain

Mt. McLogan 5959 m

Greatest River

Yukon 3050 km

Wildlife Population

6.000 Grizzlies

10.000 Black Bears

100.000 Caribous

45.000 Moose

5000 Wolves

50% of the World

Moskito Population


Yukon Map

Huskyland Yukon

Do You know what the colors of the Yukon Flag mean?


Taiga & Forests
Polar Sea


In the middle two twigs of Fireweed, the common Yukon flower and a sled dog on a pile of snow


Yukon Quest

The famous 1000 mls Sled dog race between Fairbanks (Alaska) and  Whitehorse (Yukon) 

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