Schlittenhundetour auf dem Yukon River Blue Kennels im Yukon Huskyland
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Planning your Yukon trip you will need a lot of information. We won't compete with the contents of a printed travelguide, but we can put the finger on the map. Hey, it's pretty far in the north! So better we give you some advise for your personal dogsledding and winter equipment. 


To become more familiar with dogsledding or as it is called in the north, Mushing, we give you the explanations about special terms and equipment we use but you never heard about before. And we are answering your most important questions you might have before starting your trip.


Some impression about an exciting  winter or summer vacation in the Yukon you can pick up in our photo gallery.


You need more information? Interested in other Yukon outdoor activities or in Dog Sled Races? Then have a look to our link list please.