Schlittenhundetour auf dem Yukon River Blue Kennels im Yukon Huskyland
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About Us

Welcome to Blue Kennels and Dog Sled Trips. The company was established Sebastian Schnülle in 1997 and is run by experienced musher Sebastian Schnuelle, winner of the Yukon Quest 2009 and in the Iditarod race 2009. Sebastian has also participated in many mid distance races. His passion are the Sled Dog Races and he is responsible for the dogs as well as the Marketing.

Although we have over 50 dogs in the kennel, the group sizes are kept small with usually  no more than 4 guests per guide. With 2 different base camps, one in the Yukon/Canada and a another one in Alaska, we can offer repeat guests new trails for many years to come. Our Blue Kennels cabins sleep 4 people each.  Our tours include all meals, but the cabins are self contained, so that you can prepare yourself a snack anytime. The main meals are prepared in our guest house.

Blue Kennels is the home of over 50 well trained Alaskan Huskies. Our life is centered around the dogs life, which need constant love and care. Although the summer is the time off for the dogs,  they still get plenty of exercise on training runs, or roaming around free in our large free run. The dogs also come along on our hikes and bike tours, as they make for great companions, even inside the cabin over night.

And if you would like to see how our Huskies would like to live in their kennel, please click here...